Design-Build: Home Renovation & Restoration Services


The Healey Company and its Designers team with Morgan Associates to find unique solutions to complex or innovative construction/ remodeling projects. Part of their unique partnerships stems from their dedication to preserving historic details and using inventive approaches to create a new, fresh space.

The partnership of architect David Morgan and real estate entrepreneur Mike Healey are accredited with numerous residential and commercial projects, each with an inventive flair relative to the context of the project. While working to preserve the inspirational integrity that the Historic South Side was built upon, the duo encounter remodeling jobs and breathe innovation into traditional floor plans. Morgan and Healey work closely with their clients to provide a full design-build service that is transparent and allows clients to connect with the creation of their goals.

For this reason clients researching investments or building conversions have sought out the advice and detailed analysis that the Healey and Morgan partnership can provide. When projecting costs for a project they consider all variables and options, giving clients a full range of possibilities and limitations a project may encounter with reports, cost analysis, and blueprints.

The Healey Company and Morgan Associates are more than just trusted neighbors in the South Side, they are community innovators. Their projects range from unique bathroom and kitchen designs to entire building conversions.