"Investing in the South Side was one of the best things I have done with my money."
Sarah Lolley

More than an investment

The story of The Healey Company is uniquely woven into the renaissance of Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood and the ingénue of Michael Healey. This riverside community was once a teeming industrial epicenter of factories and homes. In the recent decade it has transformed from an industrial urban community into a magnet for cultural and architectural innovations.

For Michael Healey it began with a one-hundred-year-old building on Sarah Street that he converted into a luxurious pillar of what was to come. Nearly fifteen years later, the neighborhood, as well as The Healey Company’s portfolio of accomplishments, has inspired new buildings and businesses that compliment the Pittsburgh spirit of preservation and innovation.

Among the company’s achievements are 150 properties in the South Side with 27 of them owned by limited partnerships managed by The Healey Company. In the past decade the company transitioned from real estate development projects into a general contracting and property management company. To date, the firm’s investment and development operations have acquired and improved over $10,000,000 in real estate. Rehabilitation projects include Greater Pittsburgh Area, and encompass urban and suburban properties.

When Michael Healey began the company he did it with the support from neighbors, friends, and family. Now the company thrives and strives amongst the growing number of clients that soon become friends and trusted acquaintances.