We'll not only design your dream remodel, but execute and oversee the building process to ensure optimal quality

We understand that choosing the right contractor is not an easy task. That’s why at The Healey Company we strive to set ourselves apart from the rest. Not only is Michael Healey personally involved in each and every project, but our employees are just as passionate about helping homeowners build the home of their dreams. Our process will include a detailed proposal, where each task is called out and discussed with the homeowner. We use a comprehensive budget and allowance plan that is shared with the customer upfront, eliminating confusion about costs. Should your remodel call for interior schemes, our design team will work with you. We use the latest technology in floor plan and 3D drawing software to communicate the end product before and throughout the building process. Our experienced carpenters are always on site to ensure we are achieving optimal quality and timeline standards. Additionally, with Mr. Healey’s background in Real Estate, he is available to discuss with you the market value of your home or business in regards to your remodel. From the first call to the final touch-up The Healey Company will guide you through the process. In the end, you will have explored all the options related to layout, budget, function and design. You will know that your project has reached it’s full potential. Read More





Your project does not fit into any specific category? Not to worry, we are here to help you with all of your remodeling needs. Are you looking to remove a wall / create a new opening, revamp your spare bedroom or create a built-in closet? We’re here to help with any project, large or small.

We also have an extensive background regarding all types of interior finishes. It is most important for a home remodel to be structurally sound and mechanically safe however, Interior finishes are much more than the icing on the cake. At the Healey Company we understand that the details make the difference. Designing for these finishes is only a piece of the puzzle, we also plan for and implement these finishes to accommodate a client’s objectives.

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The Kitchen is the heart of the home. At The Healey Company, we do not take our kitchen remodels lightly. From the first call, you will be assigned a member of our design team. He or she will be your main point of contact throughout the entire design and remodeling process.

All of our kitchen remodels include a number of layout options. We will find the best design for look and function of your home. We work closely with a number of cabinet manufacturers, countertop fabricators, lighting experts, appliance retailers and tile showrooms. Your personal liaison will schedule these meetings, keep track of your selections and keep you updated.
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A bathroom may be viewed as a utilitarian space, but it doesn’t have to be. Lets make it unique, functional and beautiful. There are so many things you can do with a bathroom, yes, even the basic Pittsburgh powder room.

With experience in all of pittsburgh’s neighborhoods we’ve seen everything from the smallest of washrooms to the largest of master suites. There is a style and design for you, and we will find it.
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A well planned home addition will easily pay for itself time and time again. And the best home additions combine more space and maximize function while building up or off of their existing home design. Whether you are planning to add one room, a second story or an outdoor space we are here to help.

Need more space but you’re at a standstill with ideas? Give us a call. With Michael Healey’s real estate development background, our experienced team of designers and our in house architect, we can guide you in the right direction.

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Appearances are very important in the business world. Therefore, your storefront is an important part of your business. Let us design and create a storefront that will be the ideal first impression for your customers. Whether you’re in need of a little paint and sealant to spruce up the entrance or you would like to re-create the image of a small bistro you saw in Paris, we will be your contractor from start to finish.
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Working with clients on creative design or carpentry projects is part of the cornerstone of The Healey Company’s niche in the renovation and rehabilitation field. Whether it be incorporating a new ‘green’ material into your design ideas or building a unique shelving unit into a living room wall, The Healey Company works with their client to best accomplish their vision.

The Healey Company believes that ‘no job is too small’ because many times, customers develop confidence by first working on a small project. To better serve our customers in each of their needs, we provide a Handyman Service at a reasonable hourly rate. We are able to provide the simplest and most time sensitive results to almost any issue. Give us a call today!
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Our company can only be as successful as the members of our team.

It is our philosophy that we are better able to manage the construction process, affect efficient construction costs and maintain and expedite the construction schedule by performing large portions of the work with our own equipment and personnel.