Too many times we hear that a client has put off replacing that old broken door, restoring their dingy bathroom tile or swapping out old rusty interior fixtures. Well, you don’t have to live with those annoying nuisances anymore! Give us a call and we’ll stop out for a consultation. Whatever your need, whatever your project restraints, we will have a solution (or two) for you.


Is it time to install those new gutters you’ve been wanting? Are you in need of a new shed to store seasonal items? Would you like to update your existing deck, add an awning or simply create some definition to your outdoor space? We’re here to help. Our experienced carpenters and designers work together on all types of projects so you can feel confident with us from your front drive, to the recesses of your attic.


Working with clients on creative design or carpentry projects is part of the cornerstone of The Healey Company’s niche in the renovation and rehabilitation field. Whether it be incorporating a new ‘green’ material into your design ideas or building a custom pet access into a living room wall, The Healey Company works with their client to best accomplish their vision.


The Healey Company believes that ‘no job is too small’ because many times, customers develop confidence by first working on a small project. To better serve our customers in each of their needs, we provide a Handyman Service at a reasonable hourly rate. We are able to provide the simplest and most time sensitive results to almost any issue. Give us a call today!

Examples: Gutter cleaning, disposal installation, utility concerns, appliance repair, minor plumbing or electrical issues, minor carpentry.

Please contact our offices by phone for an immediate response should you have an emergency, emergency rates will be provided.