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Design–build is a specific type of project delivery system in which the design and construction services are contracted by one single entity.

As opposed to design – bid – build where there are multiple entities responsible for multiple parts of the building process, Design–build relies on one single contract. Our method successfully minimizes risks for the project owner and reduces the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.

Over the last twenty years, Michael Healey and his team have cultivated a unique partnership with Architect David Morgan. During the early years, Michael and David encountered numerous residential and commercial projects. It became very apparent that the projects ran more smoothly, the clients felt more comfortable and involved in the process, and the delivery date seemed to arrive much sooner. It was through these projects the true purpose of the Healey Company was realized.

Currently, David, Michael and his team of Designers and Project Managers all work together to deliver the best possible result for their clients. Not every project is in need of an architect, but every project does begin with the time and attention of Michael Healey.


Design-Build carries the clearest contractual solution for clients because the Healey Company is responsible for every piece of the work on the project, regardless of the nature. “Not only is my Company accountable, but I am personally involved in every project” Michael says.

For this reason clients interested in Home remodeling and Home Additions have sought out the advice and detailed analysis that The Healey Company can provide. When projecting costs for a project we consider all variables and options. We give clients a full range of possibilities and limitations a project may encounter with reports, cost analysis, and blueprints.

We have everything it takes to complete your project. Know exactly what you want? That’s great, we can get started right away. Have a few rough ideas? Our designers will meet with you, and soon you’ll realize their full potential. Does your project include structural work or an addition? We’ll work with our structural engineer or bring our Architect on board. Unsure what your project will entail? We work with you, around your schedule to create a detailed plan of action.

Every project has a clear set of goals, desires and a budget that must be prioritized.